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Sales Management Section of Siguniangshan (Four Girls Mountains) Management Bureau
Tel:0086-837-2791063 (Chinese , English)
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Particular adviser of Four Girls Mountains
Nature Reserve Management Bureau
Kenzo Okawa
Born in 1950.
Hobbies develop into the present post from a computer engineer on 2000.
Main activity is the documentary photography of the nature and the
environmental protection.
The favorite word is that "The life is the journey of being touched".
A member of WWF-J (World Wide Fund for Nature of Japan)
and former HAT-J (Himalayan Adventure Trust of Japan).

The videos which introduced the manager of web site (arrange in released order):
Compiled by ABC Broadcasting "Discover in a world village! A Japanese is in such a place"
Put on the air at July 26, 2016 20:53

Compiled by Wanoyume Episode-113
"The Japanese photographer who was admitted permanent residence"

Compiled by Wanoyume Episode-114
"The reason why a Japanese IT engineer lives in the heart of a mountain of Sichuan"

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Compiled by Nature Art "We play in the field - Vol.2"

Compiled by NHK-BSP Broadcasting
"Experience! Great Nature - Minya Kongka & Four Girls Mountains in China"
Put on the air at October 23, 2021 19:30

Living in the Aba Tibetan & Qiang Autonomous Prefecture and Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China.
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a. Because the author is almost working in the mountains,
the reply to you may be delay.
b. Some sales advertisement are using like this e-mail address.
c. Several web-site are using same title what is "The Goddess on the Mountains
in Southwestern China", and entraps this web site and the
photograph collection of the Four Girls Mountains.

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Particular adviser of Four Girls Mountains Nature Reserve Management Bureau