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Four Girls Mountains
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Abbreviates FGM : The highest peak(6250m) of Four Girls Mountains

Note-1 : There are more beautiful photographs in the following book.
The Goddess on the Mountains in Southwestern China
- Four Girls Mountains, Being beautiful forever -

Note-2 : The example of the book which commented on the mountains of the
East Himalaya including Four Girls Mountains (Sigunianshan)
East of the Himalaya Mountain Peak Maps: Mt.Sigunian Massif P82&P280-291,
Tamotsu Nakamura, Nakanisiya Publishing House, January 2016, ISBN978-4-7795-0994-0

Note-3 : On the Queen Valley in the Trans-Himalayas , there are beautiful photographs of the
Gold River (Big Gold River and Small Gold River) basin which include the Four Girls Mountains
as one of the source.

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Produced by Kenzo Okawa
Particular adviser of Four Girls Mountains Nature Reserve Management Bureau