A topic as it changes from season to season
- August -

It gets to snow sometimes over 4000m high in August at the Four Girls Mountains, green and flower are not at their best anymore. Then some plants become conspicuous this season. The Rheum australe over 2 m high is a one of them. These roots are used to the herb medicine in the old days. However, it is falling in popularity and becomes not gathered. Then the opportunity what to see increased recently. In natural, this Rheum australe makes a colony at around 4000m high. Because the height of the big stub becomes about 3m and the leaf becomes about 1m, this colony looks magnificent.
Also, the Notbolirion bulbuliferum of a kind of lily become conspicuous, too. It is over 1m high, and a lot of flowers at the stem are in full bloom. This kind of lily had been made the colony in here and there around the Caves of Long Terrace Cliff, and it can be seen from the distance. It was the queen of the flower at the Caves of Long Terrace Cliff. However, it was robbed one after another by thoughtless hiker and disappeared along the mountain path almost all. An unforgettable matter occurred in early August 2002. A lily had been bloomed on the big rock what the villager has been use to camp at the Caves of Long Terrace Cliff. This lily was pulled out by the roots and was carried away. Then, a lot of garbage such as the gas cartridge was thrown away under the big rock by the hiker. This photograph is exactly this lily what was not to be seen now. In order to see the colony of this kind of lily, it becomes that must go to the next valley where very few people spend one day visiting.
Rheum australe
Notbolirion bulbuliferum

Produced by Kenzo Okawa
Particular adviser of Four Girls Mountains Nature Reserve Management Bureau