A topic as it changes from season to season
- September -

At the Four Girls Mountains, it has grown appreciably cold in September. Then the color change of a shrub and a grass begin. The flowers of Saussurea species what grew up become conspicuous here and there. Near the Balangshan Pass, a kind of the Saussurea obvallata makes many communities near the car road. This photograph of the Saussurea species was taken at the steep mountain about 4800m high. This kind of Saussurea species as big as this photograph had been came across here and there till 10 years before. However, it disappeared in the place where a people can visit easily. It is because that the price of the herb medicines is rocketing, and it becomes too much gathering.
Also, Delphinium species and Gentianaceae become conspicuous this season, too. A lot of Delphinium species of this photograph (the popular name is "the Swallow on the Wing") are seen at over 4000m high, And it comes across the flower of Delphinium species what mutated into pure-white by the strong ultraviolet rays sometimes.
By the way, have you heard a rumor what the origin of the name of Delphinium comes from the famous beauty "Zhao Feiyan" (the mean of the given name is a swallow on the wing) who appears on famous poetry of the Li Bei? This origin is a romantic and the beautiful rumor what makes Delphinium more charming. However, the actual origin is comes from what the form resembles "a swallow on the wing" by the opinion of the biologist in the Sichuan University.
Saussurea sp.
Delphinium sp.

Produced by Kenzo Okawa
Particular adviser of Four Girls Mountains Nature Reserve Management Bureau