A topic as it changes from season to season
- October -

At the Four Girls Mountains, it gets to snow periodically in October, the mountains what is over 5000m high and covered up by fresh snow shines out beautifully on the lake. Then, the color change of the larch begins around 3500m high and dyed the valley yellow. The October is the season with vivid color most and it fills the tourist's heart with deep emotion. I have been taking photographs in the Four Girls Mountains for many years, but I still full of happy expectations to discover new scenery and go out to take photographs in this season especially.
Someone asked me about the secret to take a beautiful photograph sometimes. In my case, I spend almost of my effort to find appropriate place and time (or season). Nowadays, I make a camp and waits for the shutter chance by the fixed place usually. However in the old days, I had been strolled in the mountain from before a sunrise to after a sunset with porters who carry my photography machinery and materials on their shoulders. And I am looking for the time what the condition of the place and the sunlight is fulfilled with my wish. It is not only the landscape photography, but is same as the photography of the flower, too. Then, I am waiting for appropriate weather after that.
At the mountain where the weather changes complicatedly, it does not give up even if cloud comes over, and does not relieved even if the sun came out. Even if there is no cloud on the sky, the sunlight does not reach if there is cloud in the faraway east. Also, even if the mountain is covered with cloud, there is a chance what it may show a wonderful view from a break in the clouds just later. The photography in the mountains is the succession of unexpected encounter with the wonderful view of the nature.
The mountains around Pomiu Gorge what is reflected on the Fattening Sheep Plateau Lake
The autumn colors in the Wide River Shore and Mount Seerdengpu (5592m)

Produced by Kenzo Okawa
Particular adviser of Four Girls Mountains Nature Reserve Management Bureau