A topic as it changes from season to season
- December -

At the Four Girls Mountains, the yellow leaf of the larch and birch what dyed yellow on the valley ended and became in the winter completely. The village peoples who do not do much business because the sightseeing season was ended begin to prepare for the winter, too. Then they kill a pig and a yak and make dehydrated meats and sausages. From now to the spring, it is a marriage season, too. One of the worry of the village peoples who their income rise to nearly 10 times by the sightseeing development, is that a monetary gift of the wedding have skyrocketed. However, the village peoples who become quite rich present at the wedding here and there with pleasure.
As for this kind of by-product caused by the sightseeing development, it can pass with a smile but there are another problems what do not pass, too. The one of them is a garbage problem. In this place, the peoples who leave the garbage oblivious to their surroundings are the majority. Then, the garbage has been scattered on the place where the tourists took a rest. The Management Bureau employs many workers who walk along with gleaning garbage near the town and keep clean. However, the garbage cannot be collected in the place where is far from the town (namely, it is the place where the worker cannot make a day trip). A part of the tourists who saw the garbage what is scattered in far from the town make complain as for the Management Bureau does not collect these garbage. Because the basically view of them is different about the garbage, there is a side what cannot do refutation in an ordinary sense.
Also there is a side about the environmental protection what the basically view is different. Therefore, there are many obstacles to overcome like the problem of the garbage. Then, I think deeply that it is necessary to understand as "different places have different ordinary senses" and act recently.
Mount Chibu 5450m with fresh snow The highest peak of Four Girls Mountains (east side) on a sea of clouds

Produced by Kenzo Okawa
Particular adviser of Four Girls Mountains Nature Reserve Management Bureau