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In my opinion, I introduce one of the places with the important culture in the rGyalrong (rGyalmorong or Queen Valley) district where is lower reaches of Four Girls Mountains.
The joint forces of the lord on Big Gold River and Small Gold River was destroyed by the Gold River War what Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty made an attack in the mid-18th century. In that time, these tribes had inherited the tradition of the Queen Valley most strongly. Then, after the war, the lord of Badi who kept the north part of Danba became one of a few tribes what has inherited this tradition. The lord of Badi neighbored the territory on the lord of Big Gold River and was connected with them strongly in the marriage relations from around the 13th century. Because the lord of Badi had surrender in the early stages of the war and cooperated to Emperor Qianlong, a part of the territory was replaced, but survived. Moreover, the lord of Badi cooperated to the China Revolution and survived. As the result, the Badi became one of the places to have inherited the tradition and the culture of the Queen Valley most.
The ruins of the manor house what is built on the mountainside.
The mural painting of the goddess what has been inherited at the ruins of the manor house.
The ruins of a manor house of the Badi is still left in the deep mountain where is surrounded by the cliff, and the descendants of the lord's retinue live in the surrounding colony still now. Magnificent stone-piled lofty building with 9-story is in the ruins of the manor house. It reminds the manor house of the queen such as the Queendom (the Shanshun) of the Sui-shu and the Eastern Queendom of the Tang-shu. Also, the mural painting of the goddess what comes from the deities of the Shanshun has been inherited at the Mani Hall what is left in the ruins of the manor house. It is hoping that these cultural properties are preserved as the UNESCO World Inheritance with the high stone-piled towers.

Produced by Kenzo Okawa
Particular adviser of Four Girls Mountains Nature Reserve Management Bureau