Information - 2003 -

Novenber, 2003: The leaving garbage decreased.
It is because of the reinforcement of the garbage collection and the decrease of the garbage which is throw out by the tourists. However, a part of the tourists throw out garbage yet.

August, 2003: The SARS outbreak didn't occur.
It is different from Beijing and Hongkong, little damage occurred at the Sichuan Province which has the Four Girls Mountains. The SARS outbreak didn't occur in the Four Girls Mountains and around prefecture. The prefecture government around was disinfecting the car which crossed a boundary. They were recording the identification card of the person and measuring exothermic whether or not.But they stopped. The tourist in May and in June decreased to 10 % compared with last year, but it recovered approximately in the second half of July. The trekking of the foreigner was resumed, too. The SARS tumult of the Sichuan Province has cooled off.
About SARS in China, you can check up on the web-site of the American Embassy in China.
Abbreviates : SARS is the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

June, 2003: The leaving garbage increase in the upper stream on the Long Terrace Valley.
When a part of the tourists who go to Li-County are camped in the fork on the Long Terrace Valley, they throw out a lot of garbage. They lopped off branches of the old rhododendron, too. A kind of weasel and a parent and child of Hymalayan Marmot who lived in the cave around, have disappeared, too. There is need to keep watch the tourist but it can not adopt effective measure. The watch of the herb pick and steal was strengthened and it decreased sharply.

Produced by Kenzo Okawa
Particular adviser of Four Girls Mountains Nature Reserve Management Bureau