Information - 2004 -

December, 2004: A photograph exhibition towards an UNESCO World Heritage Nomination was held at the UN Headquarters in New York
An exhibition of photos showing ancient stone towers of Sichuan and Tibet was held at the UN headquarters in New York from December 6th to 17th, many of these photos were taken in the Danba and some photographs of the Four Girls Mountains were also part of that exhibit. This exhibition, sponsored by the author of most of the photos, Miss Frederique Darragon, in cooperation with the Permanent Mission of China to the UN, was held to raise awareness about these extraordinary ancient sky-scrapers, raise money for protecting the towers, their environment and the local customs, and to promote the towers nomination on the World Heritage list, as a joint Serial Cultural and Natural Site, together with the Four Girls Mountains.

November, 2004: Two American and four Chinese made second ascent via Southeast Ridge to the highest peak.
Sea level of the main peak of Four Girls Mountains is 6250m but is technically difficult to climb. The foreign partys ascented four times so far yet. However, four Chinese ascented with two Americans on November 17th and 18th. This is the first time what Chinese ascent to the main peak. "Kexikehe"(Congratulations)!.
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October, 2004: A lot of garbage are throw out at the beginning of the mountain pass which goes to Li-County
The tourists who coming and going to Li-County (Bipeng Valley) are camped at the beginning of the mountain pass in the upper stream of Long Terrace Valley. A lot of garbage are throw out here. There are much empty plastic-bags, gas cartridges and tissue paper. Moreover, there are underwears, too. A part of the tourists and the accompanying guide insists about the followings.
"We don't care to throw out the garbage because we are paying environmental management fee. The garbage collection is a job of the Management Bureau."
On the other hand, a part of them slip into the Nature Reserve illegally without paying the environmental management fee and the entry fee. It is difficult to collect garbage in the place where far from Rilong Town and to check the tourist fully. It is necessary what the tourist and the accompanying guide aware of the public morality.

June,2004 :The flower is delayed about 2 weeks because of the cold long rain.
It was long rain in the summer last year, too, but the flower is not delayed. On the other hand, there are much fine weather in the autumn last year, and the turn yellow was advanced about 2 weeks.

May,2004 :The car road was paved from Rilong Town to Lama Temple.
Because of the long rain in the summer last year, the pavement did not complete by last October.

Produced by Kenzo Okawa
Particular adviser of Four Girls Mountains Nature Reserve Management Bureau