Information - 2007 -

November, 2007: The abnormal weather in this year
From the spring to autumn in this year, it was the abnormal weather what is not much rainfall and warmer unusually. Especially, there were a little rainfall in June and August, and much rainfall in July unusually. Also, the temperature was high and the rainfall decreased between middle of September and first half of October, too. Therefore, several shallow lakes were dried up, and the hanging glacier on the highest peak had been seen emaciate.
The tendency of this abnormal weather in the summer could have been seen from 2005. The amount of rainfall increased in July, and decreased in August. This abnormal weather enhanced in this year. If such weather continues, the glacier declines and the scenery will change, too. Also, the decline of the community of the wild garlic what is like the edge of the stagnant snow becomes anxious, too.

October, 2007: A lot of garbage are throw out at the beginning of the
mountain pass which goes to Li-County and Caves of the Long Terrace Cliff
The tourists and guides who coming and going to Li-County (Bipeng-gou Valley) are camped at the beginning of the mountain pass and the Caves of the Long Terrace Cliff in the upper stream of Long Terrace Valley. In this time, a part of them throw out a lot of garbage as before. The interested persons of the Long Terrace Village and others cleaned these garbage sometimes, but they could not catch up because there is much garbage. It is difficult to collect garbage in the place where far from Rilong Town. It is necessary what tourists and guides aware of the public morality.

September, 2007: The plank paths at Twin Bridge Valley have provided
Along the stream of the valley, the plank paths have provided between the Renshenguoping and the Larch Forest. The plank paths are linked to the roadway in several points. Most of the plank paths are in the east side from the roadway. But around the Dacaoping Terrace, these are in the western side, too. The view from the plank path along the shallow lake where is on the north-east side of foot of Mount Steeple is beautiful especially. This lake reflects the Mount Steeple 5472 m and the Mount Abi 5694 m. This lake came from an avalanche of rocks and earth what occurred 2 years before.

May, 2007: The road of Jiajinshan Pass (4000m) became passable.
The road around the Jiajinshan Pass (pronounced "Jiajinshan" by Chinese) what expands width of the road from last year became passable. It will take about 10 hours from Chengdu (Chadianzi Bus Station ), Yaan, Jiajinshan Pass, Dawei to Four Girls Mountains (Rilong Town). The Jiajinshan Pass becomes the bypass when Mount Balangshan is impassable. The charge increase 30 RMB when the public bus goes around the Jiajinshan Pass. In this case, transfers to the taxi in Dawei and go to Four Girls Mountains (Rilong Town). The taxi charge is about 10 RMB / a person.

April, 2007: The road around Mount Balang is under construction for expands width.
It is under construction in the section at Yingxiu, Wolong, Mount Balangshan (pronounced "Balangshan" by Chinese) and Four Girls Mountains (pronounced "Sigunianshan" by Chinese). Therefore, it is take around 10 hours by public bus between Chengdu (Chadianzi Bus Station) and Four Girls Mountains (Rilong Town). This road construction will complete at the end of September in schedule. However, because the tunnel construction what is going on simultaneously does not complete, several inconvenient parts are left.

Produced by Kenzo Okawa
Particular adviser of Four Girls Mountains Nature Reserve Management Bureau