Information - 2008 -

September, 2008 : Two American made first ascent via Southwest Ridge to the highest peak.
American climber Chad Kellog and Dylan Johnson made first ascent via Southwest Ridge to the highest peak 6250m. They cut opened new route. The Eastnorth Face and Westsouth Face are sitll left.

September, 2008 : The repair work for the Sichuan Earthquake.
1. Ttransportation
The full-scale restoration construction in the Yingxiu - Wolong section becomes next year. Therefore the Route of Balangshan Pass (it takes 7 hours by car) is still blocked. The Route of Jiajinshan Pass (10 hours) and the Route of Danba (12 hours) are passable. But, the road condition of the Jiajinshan Pass is unsettled. The Route of Danba goes the long way. But, if you stay in Danba (2000 m above sea level) at night and adjust to altitude, you can ease the altitude sickness what is taken more or less in the Route of Balangshan Pass. Therefore, it is not worries that the Route of Balangshan Pass is blocked. The beautiful houses and the stone-piled tower of the Danba are world-wide fame, and worth seeing. It takes 1 hour from the Rilong Town to the Balanshan Pass by car. A foreigner is free to enter into Four Girls Mountains.

2. Power line and telephone
All of the power station were restored, and supplies the electric power. Also the telephone line is live.

3. Hotel facilities
It is possible to stay at many guest-houses. Most of the hotels are closing down because the tourist decreases sharply.

4. The broken houses
The government of Jiangxi Province was decided the 200 million RMB aid to the Xiaojin prefecture (an administrative district what is include Four Girls Mountains), and the restoration construction of the houses will begins from next year. Some part of the houses had repaired on thier own.

August, 2008 : The relief supplies to the victims of the Sichuan Earthquake.
Many volunteers in Japan and U.S.A presented 547 sheets of electric blankets to the Changping Village where suffered maximum damage at the Four Girls Mountains. They are the Japan-China friendship club 'The Great Distance' (include the Study Group of Trans-Himalayas), The Kagurazaka-Study Group of Architecture, Ms. Susan Malcher and two others. At the Four Girls Mountains, it becomes cold from now. Especially in winter morning, it is awfully cold to -15 degree. Because a lot of villagers are sleeping in the shelter, the electric blanket is very useful.
The set of stationery were presented to the childrens, too.

May, 2008 : The effects of the Sichuan Earthquake.
By the Sichuan Earthquake what was occured after the 14:30, May 12th and the center of the earthquake was located at southern part of Wenchuan County, the route of Balangshan Pass became closed to automobile traffic. It will need for several months to restore the route. The route of Jiajinshan Pass and Danba are passable.
The main road at the Shuangqiaogou (Twin Bridge) Valley, the Changpinggou(Long Terrace) Valley and Haizigou(Lake Valley) Valley is passable, but several road on the branch valleys was buried by the rock collapse.
Many of stone-piled house at the Rilong destroyed partially or the wall collapsed by the earthquake. But the multistoried ferroconcrete buildings like a hotel were almost undamaged. Fortunately, no one was injured.
The electric power is under cut off at the Rilong except for the Changping Village, but some of the hotel has the private electric generator.

January, 2008 : The public bus which passes Mount Balangshan resumed service.
The road construction work for expands width in the section at Yingxiu, Wolong, Mount Balangshan and Four Girls Mountains had not completed yet but the public bus resumed service. It is take about 7 hours between the Chadianzi Bus Station of Chengdu and the Rilong Town of Four Girls Mountains.
Between the Yingxiu and the Wolonghe, construction works has been complete about 80 %. The construction works of the bridge and the pavement are left partly. Between the Wolong and the Four Girls Mountains, construction works has been complete about 40 %. The construction works of the expands width, the bridge, the pavement and the preventive measures for the landslide are left partly.

Produced by Kenzo Okawa
Particular adviser of Four Girls Mountains Nature Reserve Management Bureau