Information - 2009 -

November, 2009 : Two Chinese made first ascent via New Southface Route to the highest peak.
Yung Chinese climber Yan Dongdong and Zhou Peng made first ascent via New Southface Route to the highest peak 6250m. They made asend by the Alpine Style under the severe conditions what was covered with the strong cold air.

November, 2009 : The repair work for the Sichuan Earthquake
The repair construction of the half of the houses what was broken by the earthquake was completed, and became possible to live. However, because the repair construction of another half was late, a part of villagers live in a shack and pass this winter, too.
The construction of the new clinic of the village was carried over to next year, because make adjustment in the new reconstruction plan of the government.
Irregular service by small buses what is from Rilong to Chengdu via Wolong were resumed. But, the public bus is using a Damba route. The Daduhe - Damba section of Damba route has been opened a gate in all the day.

September, 2009 : The road conditions
The Rilong - Wolong section has been closed a gate by a landslide what was happened at the end of August and the beginning of September. The Jiajinshan Pass route is open a gate only in the daytime from September. The Daduhe - Damba section of Damba route is close a gate in the night.

August, 2009 : The repair work of the village at the foot of the Sigunianshan mountain
The repair work of the village what was started in full-scale after Spring Festival is going on. At the west side of the village, a housing complex for the people who moved from upper part of the mountains and so on is under construction.

July, 2009 : The road conditions between the Yingxiu and Wolong.
The road between the Yingxiu and Wolong what was destroyed by the Sichuan Earthquake on May 2008 reopened within the limited condition. The small car is passable but the big bus is not passable. The slope protection works of the landslide still continue. Then it is need to care of falling rocks and a mudslide when it is heavy rain.
It takes 1 hour from the Rilong Town to the Balanshan Pass by car.
The Route of Danba (12 hours) is passable.
The Route of Jiajinshan Pass (10 hours) is sometime closed by the road construction.

June, 2009 : Nonregular service by small bus(a van) from Rilong to Chengdu via Wolong has begun
Because the road condition in Wolong improved, bus (a small van) service has begun when several passengers gathered. The general stores and guesthouses around Changping Bridge in Rilong Town sell chicket. A chicket fee is around 150RMB. However, bus service suspend when it was rained and road condition is bad.

January, 2009 : The repair work for the Sichuan Earthquake
A reconstructed house after the earthquake came into existence for the first time, and the family is all very happy glad. But their income was dropped sharply by the sudden decrease of a tourist. Then they have a hard time making ends meet. However, they are better than the villagers who are not able to live in the house what broken badly by the earthquake. There are a lot of villagers who their house had been broken badly by the earthquake, and live in a shack and pass the winter beside the road and so on. The government is helping all sorts of things, too. However, it is impossible to help sufficiently for each individual because there are so many victims.
Note:The aid to individuals from the government are Cush 300RMB and rice 15kg per month, clothes, quilt and so on. To a family, a lump sum 2,000RMB for a shack, financial aid 40,000RMB for repairs on a house. To the village, a financial aid for repairs road, water supply and son on.
Because most of the villagers begin the restoration of their house after Spring Festival, they have a lot of expenses in this year, too. The previous villager who had reconstructed the house as well as a lot of villagers who live in the shack hope that the tourist returns early, their job increase and their income back to the previous level.
The outlook to build a clinic of the village is in sight. The construction budget of the clinic is about 165,000 RMB. Already a NPO in Japan (Earth Works Society) and the tourist agency at the Chengdu contributed with 70,000 RMB, and a foundation in USA (Unicorn Foundation) decided a contribution with 65,000 RMB. Also, the government gets to aid with about 30,000 RMB.
By the way, the main route from the Chengdu to the Four Girls Mountains is still the Damba. A little track became coming and going through the route at the Wolong and the Balangshan Pass. However, because the road condition is not good yet, most of the vehicles are using a route at the Damba and the Jiajinshan Pass. Almost all the public bus what thinks much of the safety of the passenger is using a Damba route.

Produced by Kenzo Okawa
Particular adviser of Four Girls Mountains Nature Reserve Management Bureau