Information - 2010 -

December, 2010 : The destroyed village was beautifully restored
The Changping Village at the foot of Four Girls Mountains had destroyed by the Sichuan Earthquake on 12 May 2008, but it was beautifully restored on December 2010. It owe to the large-scale financial assistance by the government and the support by the raised found.
Also a small clinic what has been the villager's dearest wish for long years had realized, too. In the clinic, an oxygen inhaler and so on is installed soon by the aid of the NPO(Earth Works Society). Incidentally, the contribution with 65,000 RMB of the foundation in USA was repaid, because the government put the large-scale assistance (it was not in the original budget) into effect.
The Photos: A festive dance at the public square ,
The new street what is bustling with the peoples who wear the traditional clothes ,
The new government office building of the village ,
The village leader who is pleased at the entrance of the new clinic ,
A shelf for drug and a bedroom of the new clinic ,
A composed photo of a festive dance for the restoration, the damage by the earthquake and a smile with hope of the victims

June, 2010 : The representatives of the NPO inspected the new clinic of the village under construction and so on
The chairperson of directors Eiho Otani and his comrade who are representatives of the NPO(Earth Works Society) visited Four Girls Mountains. They inspected the new clinic of the village under construction and the useing conditions of two notebook computers what was donated on 2006 by them.
Also they called at the Rilong Central Elementary School, and had a very happy time together with the children and the person concerned of the school.

May, 2010 : Began work on the new clinic of the village
The new clinic of the village in foot of the Four Girls Mountains is under construction. This is realized by the financial aid from the NPO(Unicorn Foundation and Earth Works Society), the tourist agency and the government as one of the reconstruction aid for the earthquake at May 2008. It will be completed in this autumn.

February, 2010 : The new visitors center is well received
New visitors center(Sigunianshan Youren Zhongxin) what was opend a hall at last year-end is well received. It is located in the eastern coast of the Long Terrace Valley (Changpinggou) where is about 500m from the Long Terrace Bridge (Changpingqiao). Many geological features, animals, plants and a culture of a minority race are on display in the first floor. And the photos and handwritings are in the second floor.
This center deals in the entry ticket of the Long Terrace Valley, too.

January, 2010 : The repair work for the Sichuan Earthquake
The restoration work is going well almost. The repair construction of the half of the houses was completed, and another half will complete in this year. The number of tourist is still few, and the villager hope that the tourist returns early, their job increase and their income back to the previous level.
The main route from the Chengdu to the Four Girls Mountains is still the Damba. A little track became coming and going through the route at the Wolong and the Balangshan Pass. However, because the road condition is not good yet, most of the vehicles are using a route at the Damba and the Jiajinshan Pass. Almost all the public bus what thinks much of the safety of the passenger is using a Damba route.
The new clinic of the Changping Village what was carried over by the adjustment of the reconstruction plan will start and completed in this year. The construction budget of the clinic is about 165,000 RMB. Already a NPO in Japan (Earth Works Society) and the tourist agency at the Chengdu contributed with 70,000 RMB, and a foundation in USA (Unicorn Foundation) decided a contribution with 65,000 RMB. Also, the government gets to aid with about 30,000 RMB.

Produced by Kenzo Okawa
Particular adviser of Four Girls Mountains Nature Reserve Management Bureau