Information - 2012 -

October, 2012 : The unseasonable weather
In September, the weather had been very unsettled. In average year, there was much fine weather, but this year much rainy. However, the temperature was as usual, sometimes a frost at the foot of the mountain of 3200m above sea level.
And the rainy season has set out in the middle of October. The temperature is as usual, sometimes freeze at the foot of the mountain in the morning.

June, 2012 : The representatives of the NPO inspected the site what is planned to build a clinic of the village
The chairperson of directors Eiho Otani and his comrade who are representatives of the NPO (Earth Works Society) visited Four Girls Mountains. They made an inspection of the construction site what is planned to build new clinic of the village. Also they called at the Rilong Central Elementary School, and had a very happy time together with the children and the person concerned of the school. Another clinic of the village was built in 2010 after the Sichuan earthquake. But the building is shared with a village office and was small for clinic. Then intend to build a new clinic. however the construction was carried over in the next year. When the clinic was constructed, medical equipment and medicine are purchased using a donation of the NPO.

March, 2012 : "Take a photograph of the holy mountain"
The activity of this site manager who had even the particular adviser of Four Girls Mountains Nature Reserve Management Bureau was interviewed for the Kyodo News, and it was introduced in the column "Various Human Relations in the Earth". The title is "Take a photograph of the holy mountain and watch a border of heaven and earth".

January, 2012 : The weather of the last year
In last summer, there was less rain and cold than an average year. It was put on autumn colors about two weeks later. In winter, there was less snow and cold.

January, 2012 : The situation of lodging and the traffic
At the foot of Four Girls Mountains, many guest houses which has well-proportioned facilities (there are several rooms with the lavatory and shower) are in business. The number of tourist is still a few, and the villager hope that the tourist returns early, their jobs increase and their income restore. Several big hotels were redecorated last year, and be open for business in this year.

There are 3 route from the Chengdu to the Four Girls Mountains. A small vehicle and a track are able to pass the Yingxiu-Wolong-Balangshan Route, all kind of vehicle are able to pass the Jiajinshan and the Danba Route. The public bus what thinks much of the safety of the passenger is using a Jiajinshan or Danba Route. The section "Yingxiu-Wolong" of the Balangshan route and the "Kangding" section of the Danba route is set a limit to traffic partially by the reason of the construction of a road or a power station.

Produced by Kenzo Okawa
Particular adviser of Four Girls Mountains Nature Reserve Management Bureau