Information - 2013 -

November, 2013 : The autumn that is colder than an average year.
The rain of September and October was more than an average year and low temperature, the autumn leaves are early about half month, and cold autumn continues. In addition, there are more snowfall and trees covered with hoarfrost at the Mount Balangshan Pass than an average year.

October, 2013 : The NPO "Earth Works Society" made a donation of medical equipment.
Because the new clinic construction of the Changping Village is almost complete, the representatives of the NPO "Earth Works Society" visited the clinic. The NPO made a donation about 30,000 RMB (500,000 yen) to the clinic, and the village purchased the medical equipment such as oxygen inhalers using a part of the donation. After the county government transferred the clinic to the village, The village will expand the medical equipment and maintain the administration system with the money left of the donation. The representatives of the NPO visited the central elementary school of Rilong Town, and they had a very happy time with the children.

From July to September, 2013 : The heavy rain temporary cut off all of the road to the Four Girls Mountains.
Because the heavy rain from early July, all roads to the Four Girls Mountains were temporary cut off, but recovered afterwards sequentially. However, the shortest Wolong Route where is steep ravine which collapsed by a major earthquake of 2008 restored on September 19. And because the restoration construction from the earthquake stopped during this period, a delay of the construction is worried.

April, 2013 : The influence of the Yaan-Earthquake
An earthquake occurred on the Lushan County of Yaan City at about 8:00 on the morning of April 20, and there were many fallen rocks on the steep ledge roads around Four Girls Mountains although being small. However, there is no damage to the accommodations, and sightseeing have no problem including road circumstances from Chengdu.
All the roads fully opened to traffic, but there is a some traffic limitation with the restoration of the seismic center. Then the public bus between Xiaojin County (Four Girls Mountains) and Chengdu went by the way of Maerkang and Li County temporarily (the time required is about 9 hours what is same as before), but not by the way of Jiajinshan Pass where is go through the seismic center. In addition, the public bus between Danba County (next to Four Girls Mountains) and Chengdu went by the way of Yaan City and Shimian County what is same way as before the earthquake (the time required is about 12 hours). It is because that the road around Erlangshan Pass where is the short cut is still under repair.
The seismic center is under restoration by the entirely supports of the government. Pray for the souls of the victims and the quickly restoration.

February, 2013 : New clinic of the Changping Village is under construction
At the last June, the representatives of a NPO of Japan "Earth Works Society" made an inspection of the scheduled site of new clinic. And the construction of this clinic was began at last Autum. It will be complete in this summer.
Another clinic of the village was built in 2010 after the Sichuan earthquake, but the building was shared with a village office and was small for clinic. Then intend to build a new clinic. When the clinic was constructed, medical equipment and medicine are purchased using a donation of the NPO.

January, 2013 : The situation of lodging and the traffic
At the foot of Four Girls Mountains, many guest houses which has well-proportioned facilities (there are several rooms with the lavatory and shower) are in business. And some big hotels what were redecorated in last year are in business, too. The number of tourist is still a few, and the villager hope that the tourist returns early, their jobs increase and their income restore.
There are 2 route from the Chengdu to the Four Girls Mountains. A small vehicle and a track are able to pass the Yingxiu-Wolong-Balangshan Route, all kind of vehicle are able to pass the Jiajinshan Route. The public bus what thinks much of the safety of the passenger is using a Jiajinshan Route. The section "Yingxiu-Wolong" of the Balangshan route is set a limit to traffic partially by the reason of the construction of a road. The guest houses in Rilong Town provide with detail information.

Produced by Kenzo Okawa
Particular adviser of Four Girls Mountains Nature Reserve Management Bureau