Information - 2016 -

August, 2016 : The situation of the road
The repairwork of the waterworks-sewer and electricity-communications cable in Siguniangshan Town was completed in a main road, but the riverside road of Changping Valley is still under construction.
A part of the new tunnel and elevated highway of the route of Balangshan Pass was opened to traffic, and time was shortened. From Yingxiu to Four Girls Mountains, it takes 2.5 hours by car now. All sections will opened to traffic on September 30, and it will takes two hours.

August, 2016 : The summer that is hotter than an average year
After this May, the temperature that is higher than an average year continues. The Tibetan lady's slipper (Cypripedium tibeticum) flowered early for one month from an average year, and the Gramineae (Poaseae) weed produced an ear at early time.

January, 2016 : The road in Siguniangshan Town is under construction.
The road construction by the renewal of the waterworks-sewer and electricity-communications cable in Siguniangshan Town is under construction all over. It is said that the period of construction is around one year. The traffic of the main road is secured, but there are temporary suspension of traffic and so on.

January, 2016 : The winter that is colder than an average year
The dry season regularly began around the beginning of September in every year, but it was began 1 month and half later in last year. It is a long spell of fine weather and colder than an average year. The climate change continues for 4 years, and the flowering seems to be late this year, too.

Produced by Kenzo Okawa
Particular adviser of Four Girls Mountains Nature Reserve Management Bureau