Information - 2021 -

September, 2021 : The situation of weather, flowering season and COVID-19
This summer had much rain, and the height of the flowering season was over in the middle of July.
From the end of September, it was cold (less than 10 degrees Celsius) in the morning, and fine days increased. It feels like the end of the wet season.
The COVID-19 does not appear in an area of Sigunian Mountains from last year, but occasionally appears in an urban area(like Chengdu City). When an infected person appeared, "body temperature", "the healthy cord" and "record of vaccination" are inspected when people enter the store, and travels (in a market, bank, railroad station, checkpoint in the road and so on). The people always wear a flu mask when going out, wash a hand and mouthwash strictly at the time of return.

July, 2021 : Inspection of new coronal disease (COVID-19)
Last year, the Four Girls Mountains(Sigunianshan) was blockaded from the end of January to the end of March. After that, it is inspected the healthy proof and mask wearing at an entrance of Sigunianshan and Yingxiu (a place leads to the Sigunianshan) where is the entrance of the Aba Autonomous Prefecture. The "Healthy Code"(linked to the passport) which is one of the application of the cell-phone is used for the healthy proof. And after last June, the general foreigner can not stay in the Four Girls Mountains(Sigunianshan).

January, 2021 : The weather of the last year was abnormal
The wet season of 2020 was much rain from May to the end of September(one month later than an average year), and temperature did not rise. The flowers bloomed not beautifully, too. And the fine weather almost every day continues from last October to now. Like this extreme wet season and dry season is rare.

Produced by Kenzo Okawa
Particular adviser of Four Girls Mountains Nature Reserve Management Bureau