In this homepage, the beautiful nature of Four Girls Mountains which is UNESCO World Natural Heritage had been introduced. Most people do not realize the beauty yet. Four Girls Mountains is a landform with glacial origin. The steep and complex landform is produced by glacier. Many Tibetans live in this area from more than 1000 years before. The main living basis is pasturage and agriculture. The harmonization of Tibetan's life style and this landform formed beautiful nature.

The place and the traffic
Siguniangshan (Four Girls Mountains by English) town, Xiaojin County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China. Around 31 degrees of north latitude, 103 degrees of east longitude. It is take 3 hours by range airplane from Shanghai to Chengdu of Sichuan Province. And 4 hours by public direct bus from Chengdu to Siguniangshan Town (via Wolong). If use a small car, it is take 3 hours.
There are around 100 hotel facilities in Siguniangshan Town.
The range,above sea level, and area
Lake Valley, Long Terrace Valley , Shuangqiaogou valley and Mount Balang. The above sea level varies from 3000m to 6250m. The total area is 1375square km (The total area of scenic area is 450 square km). This place abuts to the western border of Wolong Nature Reserve where is famous as the giantpanda. Four Girls Mountains was registered as UNESCO World Natural Heritage for a habitat of the giant panda in July 2006 with Wolong.
The landform , animals and plants
The present landform is formed by following events:
a. The mountain movement in Mesozoic period.
b. The activities of volcano and glacier in Cenozoic period.
At present, a big hanging glacier and an ice floor are left. There are a lot of rock peak and lakes and marshes. This area is in the east part on the Trans Himalayas which is called the treasury of the gene, and can observe various plants. In summer, a lot of alpine plants make a beautiful flower bloom. There is a lot of medicinal herb, too. And a lot of animals live in.


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