Information - 2005 -

October, 2005: Garbage cleaning by the volunteer was done under the mountain pass which goes to the Li-County.
The tourists who coming and going to the Li-County ( Bipeng Valley ) are throw out garbage at the beginning of the mountain pass in the upper stream of Long Terrace Valley. Five foreigners and some interested persons who are villager of Long Terrace Valley cleaned this garbage. The persons concerned in the Nature Reserve expect that other tourists are much enlightene by this action.
September, 2005: This year, unusual weather continues.
In June, a lot of snows fell and the avalanche occurred frequently than usual. In July, a lot of rain fell and the thaw overlapped, then the small-scale flood and the avalanche of rocks and earth occurred frequently. Many log bridges are washed away in the midstream and the upstream of the Long Terrace Valley. It is not still restored. On the contrary, there were many brightened and warm days in September.

June, 2005: The photograph exhibition of the ancient stone towers and Four Girls Mountains and so on is held at the Museum of Sichuan University.
It is held from June to September, 2005 at the Museum of Sichuan University ( it is locat at the right hand side of the Eastern Gate) at Chengdu. This is the one to have reinforced the photograph which was presented at the UN Headquarters in last December.

May, 2005: The road construction from Dujiangyan to the fork in Wolong completed.
Because the road along the Mingjiang River submerge by the dam, a new road was constructed in the versant. As a result, the running time increased for about 30 minutes.

Produced by Kenzo Okawa
Particular adviser of Four Girls Mountains Nature Reserve Management Bureau