The Queen Valley in the Trans-Himalayas
- Gold River basin in Southwestern China -

The Queen Valley is in the Trans-Himalayas. It is the ancient name of the upper reaches of the Daduhe River (one of the source of the Changjiang River) such as the Big Gold River and the Small Gold River in the western part of Sichuan Province, China. The queen valley where is in the about 5000m-hight mountains forms, deeply eroded by the glacier and the water flows. The river what flows through the valley is about 2000m above the sea level, and surrounded by the steep cliffs. Now this area is generally called "Jiarong"*1 in Chinese, "rGyalmorong" in ancient Tibetan that means the valley of the queen.
A lot of peoples moved in to this area from the ancient times and were blended with aboriginal peoples. A clan, with the Bon Sect's doctrines, called the Queendom*2 in Sui-Shu (a history book of the Sui period 581-618 in China) moved to this area around the birth of Christ. This clan had the excellent technology in extracting gold, and was prosperous in the Queen Valley, and was named the Eastern Queendom in Tang-Shu (a history book of the Tang period 618-907 in China). The ancient cultural legacies still have been inherited in the Queen Valley now. Especially, the stone-piled house and the tower and the folk clothing have peculiar beauty.
According to the legend, the Queen Valley is protected by many of the mountain gods. Among them, holy Mount Moerduo 4820m where is in Danba is the top one and many eminent monks practiced asceticism there from the ancient times. And the Four Girls Mountains 6250m famous in it's beauty is one of the mountain gods what is at the source of some rivers in the southeastern part of the Queen Valley.

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*1 : This area is called "rGyal-rong" in the foreign country.
In recent years, a part of this area is called the "Beauty Valley" what is comes from tha tourism development.
The photograph in this site was taken at the Danba County in Ganzi Autonomous Prefecture. The Danba County is a rich agricultural area which include the grazing land of the yak. On the other hand, Danba is one of the cultural center of Queen Valley, and whole of the county is the elegance reserve. At the end of October in every year, the Danba Elegance Festival what is one of the 10 biggest festivals of Sichuan Province is held.
The Queendom means the Shanshun, the Zhang Zhung, or the Xiang Xiong.

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