Touching sight in the world

Introducing a part of the famous nature reserve and scenery reserve in the world. The exemplary environmental protection system is here.

Arctic Ocean in Canada
On the northern side with N66.33', the sun doesn't set in the summer, and doesn't appear in the winter. Such as the musk oxen are inhabiting the frozen horizon.
Anatolia Plateau
Anatolia Plateau is the source of the Tigris Euphrates River, and it was the place where many ancient nations rise and fall. Furthermore, it is the crossroads of the east and west civilization what the Persia, Macedonia, Rome, Mongolia and Turky competed for hegemony.
Borneo in Malasia
The orangutang lives in the rain forest on the Bornean Island which right on the equator. The orangutang means the person who lives in the forest. Also, on the Mt.Kinabalu (4100m), a lot of tropical plants can be observed.
Denali (McKinley) in Alaska
The Denali is a mountain park centered on Mt.McKinley (6194m). At the park, the camper is severely limited and is protecting the nature of cold districts which the recovery is difficult. Such as the caribou, bear and beaver can be observed from the exclusive bus which runs in the park.
Fiordland in South New Zeland
The fiord area on the southern island is the place where the steep mountain, the fall and the lake are beautiful. Such as the Milford Truck, the ranger accompanies an tourist and watches. Then, prevent nature destruction and environment destruction.
The Queen Valley in the Trans-Himalayas
- Gold River basin in Southwestern China -
Now this area is called "rGyal-rong", "rGyalmorong" in ancient Tibetan which means the valley of the queen. On the basin which produced a lot of gold from the ancient times, the peculiar culture developed. The Four Girls Mountains Nature Reserve is at the southeastern part on the Queen Valley.
Haarlem and so on in Holland
The protected old houses, a flower and a canal show a beautiful view. The view at the tulip park of the Keukenhof and in the seaside are beautiful, too.
Kilimanjaro and animals in East Africa
There is a glacier in Mt.Kilimanjaro (5896m) which right on the equator. On the grassland on the foot of the mountain, a lot of wild animals such as the cheetah are protected.
Loire and so on in France
The Loire ravine is the area which prospered in the Middle Ages and a lot of beautiful castles is left. A view on the forest, the river and in the farm village is beautifully harmonizked.
Macnail River in Alaska
When the summer comes, a lot of salmons go up the Macnail River. Many bear which lives nearby gathers on with the salmon. Here, the right to life of the bear have priority over and can not use a gun.
Ranthambhore in Central India
In the jungle on Deccan Plateau, I dropped the breath and was waiting. The Bengal Tiger appeared quietly on the other side of the pond which veiled in the morning haze.
Tibet Highland
The mountains of Himalaya, the heavenly city Lhasa, praying Lama monk, the bucolic grassland and so on. There is a world which transcended the consciousness of the resident of a city.
Yellow Mountains (Fuanshan) in South China
The yellow mountains is the groups of isolated mountains of limestone. It shows the fantastic world with cloud and snow.


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Produced by Kenzo Okawa
Particular adviser of Four Girls Mountains Nature Reserve Management Bureau